Greenville Independent School District

In an effort to offset funding shortages from the state, Greenville ISD has introduced branding and marketing opportunities for local businesses.

This mutually beneficial initiative will help GISD maintain healthy financial stability, alleviate program reductions and continue to place dollars directly into the classroom while offering visual positioning and branding opportunities to local businesses.
For marketing information, you can check out our Advertising Rate Card which contains a host of advertising options, descriptions and pricing. Within the rate card, you’ll find information on:


e-Blasts to GISD employees

Spread the Red sponsorships

Online advertising

Short-term naming rights
View the entire Rate Card
Greenville ISD has also partnered with School Spirit Pays. School Spirit Pays is a company that offers credit card processing at the same fee businesses currently pay and donates 25% of their net revenue to the school district.
Learn more about School Spirit Pays.
 Other opportunities are available. For a consultation or inquiry, please contact Sydney Phillips, (903) 457-2521