• New Facebook Page

    Posted by Lawrence Wilcock on 11/15/2016

    We have established a new Facebook Page for the NJROTC unit. There are a few out there that were established by past cadets, but never turned over. To reach our REAL page, the URL is: https://www.facebook.com/ghssealions/  or search on Facebook for Greenville HS Navy Junior ROTC. We will use this page to post photos/videos and to keep cadets and parents informed.

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  • Busy Veterans Day Week

    Posted by Lawrence Wilcock on 11/15/2016

    The GHS NJROTC unit was extremely busy of the past week. We started off the month by providing traffic control for the Halloween on the Square festivities. Several cadets braved traffic, princesses, and monsters of all kinds to keep the younger of us safe during the exciting event. BZ to all who participated. Later, on 4 Nov, the NJROTC cadets traveled to Crockett Elementary school to participate in the Crockett Career Fair. The cadets interacted with the young students, talking to them about future opportunities and providing demonstrations of some of the activities and equipment used by NJROTC cadets.

    On 5 Nov, thirty-eight cadets marched in the annual Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Veterans Day Parade. The formation was led by C/ENS Seth English and was made up of most of our younger cadets. Despite the relative lack of experience they performed exceptionally well and the event was a success.

    On 10 Nov, four members of the NJROTC unit joined a large number of veterans and other dignitaries at Denny Farm for the U.S. Marine Corps Birthday celebration. Joined by the Hunt County Honor Guard, the NJROTC cadets raised the flag and led the pledge of allegiance. The event extends a long celebrated tradition of comradery and honor to the Marine Corps ending with the ceremonial cutting of the cake by the youngest and oldest at the event.

    The NJROTC Color Guard then traveled to Commerce on four separate occasions to support the Annual Texas A&M Commerce Veterans Vigil. The Color Guard posted colors during the opening ceremonies and then presented the flags at the outdoor vigil. On Thursday, the NJROTC unit took part in the closing ceremonies where they retrieved the colors and led the colors from the Vigil. The Vigil itself was very well attended and a tremendous success in honoring our Veterans. On Veterans Day, the color guard provided services to the annual USAF ROTC Reunion held at the university. In addition to their normal duties, they all had the opportunity to hob-nob with community leaders, military leaders, and war heroes. A tremendous job was done by all who supported these events.

    Also on Veterans Day, the NJROTC unit supported GISD's own Veterans Day Ceremony by provided a color guard and providing about 20 ushers for the event. The tears were flowing during the event (even some of the cadets), but it was a huge success and shows even more how our community and the district respects its Veterans. Later the same day, the unit held a flag retirement ceremony at the local VFW chapter. This was a new event for us, but was very emotional and very well done by a separate crew of cadets led by C/LTjg James Chisholm. AZ1 Flater was the moderator of the emotional event that honored not only our veterans, but the symbol of our freedom.

    Lastly, the unit had a strong showing at the Holiday Stroll held on Nov 12 downtown. Again, we provided ushering and traffic control for those enjoying the event put on by Keep Greenville Beautiful. 

    Pending any new requests, our schedule is somewhat light over the Thanksgiving holiday with our next event not scheduled until 1 Dec.  Congratulations to all who participated over the past ten days and thanks to those who are giving such a large amount of their free time to the unit and the community.

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  • Team Practice Schedule

    Posted by Lawrence Wilcock on 10/20/2016

    The following represents our normal team practice schedule. Unfortunately, due to events and other circumstances, this schedule often changes. All afternoon practices will be end no later than 5:30 p.m. and morning practices will begin promptly at 6:45 a.m.


    Monday: Color Guard & Regulation (afternoon); marksmanship (morning)

    Tuesday: Color Guard & Exhibition (afternoon)

    Wednesday: Color Guard, Regulation, marksmanship (afternoon)

    Thursday: Academics, Physical Training, Orienteering (when established) (afternoon)

    Friday: During football season - Spirit Team (evenings during games & Marksmanship (mornings)


    If you ever have questions about whether your students are attending a particular practice or not, please don't hesitate to call AZ1 Flater or LCDR Wilcock.

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  • Teacher Conferences on Oct 24th

    Posted by Lawrence Wilcock on 10/20/2016

    On 24 Oct 2016, there will be no school for students and faculty will be available for parent/teacher conferences. If you wish to schedule a conference with AZ1 Flater or LCDR Wilcock please call, text, or email the appropriate instructor. Contact information is available under the contacts tab.

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  • Booster Club

    Posted by Michael Flater on 10/14/2016

    Booster Club information and events can be found by clicking on the following link:



    To receive additional information via text please text @6bdc75 to 81010.

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  • College Football Game

    Posted by Lawrence Wilcock on 10/9/2016

    The Air Force Academy has graciously provided our cadets with tickets to the Air Force Academy game versus University of New Mexico at the Cotton Bowl on 15 Oct. There are twenty three cadets who signed up for the game. Please ensure that they show up as the tickets have already been provided and transportation reserved. All cadets should be at the high school, IN UNIFORM, by 1130 on Saturday for a prompt departure to the Cotton Bowl. Cadets will be in uniform and will have the opportunity to go onto the field 45 minutes prior to game time. The kickoff is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. This is a great opportunity for our cadets to do something fun without the added requirement of community service. Cadets should bring spending money as only tickets and transportation are being provided. The following cadets have signed up for the game: 

    Zack Caves

    Marcus Barksdale

    Draven Garrison

    Andrew Carrillo

    Andrew Casey

    Macie McGary

    Mallari McGary

    Bradley Butcher

    Dereme Griffin

    Denise Cuba

    Seth English

    Destiny Myers-Wise

    Brittany Myers-Wise

    Paige Whitlock

    Alonna Webb

    Nadia Leija

    Thomas Kemble

    Zury Godoy

    Matthew Holt

    Aiden Skinner

    Angel Martinez

    Princess Brown 

    Meghann Foster

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  • Meet the Teacher Night

    Posted by Lawrence Wilcock on 9/8/2016

    Thank you to all the parents who showed up at the High School for meet the teacher night. AZ1 Flater and I were very satisfied with the turnout and were extremely happy to have the opportunity to meet with so many of the new cadet parents and some of the existing cadet parents. As always, we value communication with parents and are always available to speak with you about your students progress and plans for the future.

    A few items of discussion:

    1) All cadets received a packet of required paperwork for participation in NJROTC. This packet included:

    a) Standard Release Form

    b) Health Screening Questionnaire

    c) Student Data Input Form

    d) UIL physical forms

    All cadets are required to fill out items a,b, & c. Those cadets who will be a member of the competition teams will need to have a physical on file prior to the first field meet/competition. This is a Navy requirement as well as a UIL school requirement. If you are having trouble getting the physical done, the school nurse and/or I may be able to find some affordable options in the local area.

    2) Drill practices continue. Next week we will be holding tryouts for the competition teams. If your student does not make the competition squad, they are still encouraged to attend practices to hone their skills and compete for a spot on the competition teams throughout the year.

    3) Rifle Range update: As many of you have heard, we are excited about starting up a true rifle program at Greenville. We have all the required equipment, but are still waiting for the classroom that will be used as our range to be turned over to us. Once this is done and all shooters have the required safety and skills training, we can start shooting and determine our competition shooters. Hopefully, this will occur in the next few weeks.


    Thanks again to the parents who participated in meet the teacher night. We look forward to another great year.

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  • Chain of Command and Team Commanders

    Posted by Michael Flater on 8/26/2016

    Commander in Chief / President of the United States:  The Honorable Barack Obama      

    President of the Senate/Vice President of the United States:  The Honorable Joe Biden

    Speaker of the House:  The Honorable Paul Ryan

    Secretary of State:  The Honorable John Kerry

    Secretary of Defense (SECDEF):  The Honorable Ashton Carter

    Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV):  The Honorable Raymond Mabus

    Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff:  General Joseph Dunford

    Chief of Naval Operations (CNO):  Admiral John Richardson

    Commandant of the Marine Corps:  General Robert Neller

    Commander of Naval Education and Training Command(NETC):  Rear Admiral Micheal S. White

    Commander of Naval Service and Training Command (NSTC):  Rear Admiral Stephen C. Evans

    Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON):  Fleet Master Chief Steven S. Giordano

    Sergeant Major of Marine Corps:  Sergeant Major Ronald L. Green

    Area 10 Manager:  Commander Hale (ret.)

    Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI):  LCDR Larry Wilcock (ret.)

    Naval Science Instructor (NSI):  AZ1 Mike Flater (ret.)



    Company Commanding Officer (CO):  c/ LCDR Destiny Myers-Wise

    Company Executive Officer (XO):  c/ LT Anakin Settle

    Command Master Chief:  c/ MCPO Alexis Delgado

    OPS Officer:  c/ ENS Denise Cuba                        

    Admin Officer:  c/ ENS Bradley Butcher

    Supply Officer:  c/ ENS James Chisolm

                Asst:  c/ PO1 Kayla Garza

    Training Officer:  c/ ENS McKenzie Stone

    PAO:  c/ CPO Gabi Reinboldt

    Armory:  c/ ENS Seth English

    Platoon Commanders:  c/ ENS Brittany Myers-Wise

                                      c/ ENS McKenzie Stone

                                      c/ ENS Mallari McGary

    1st LT:  c/ CPO Princess Brown

                Asst:  c/ PO1 Draven Garrison

     Flag Coordinator: c / PO2 Adam Casey


    Armed Reg:  c/ ENS Seth English

    Unarmed Reg:  c/ ENS Denise Cuba

    Armed Ex:  c/ LT Anakin Settle

    Unarmed Ex:  c/ LCDR Destiny Myers-Wise

    Color Guard:  c/ LCDR Destiny Myers-Wise & c/ PO1 Anthony Galaviz

    PT:  c/ ENS Brittany Myers-Wise

    Academics:  c/ ENS Thomas Kemble

    Air Rifle:  c/ TBD

    Orienteering:  c/ TBD

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  • New School Year

    Posted by Lawrence Wilcock on 8/20/2016

    Welcome to a new and exciting school year. We hope to continue the tradition of excellence in the NJROTC program, but also have a number of improvements that will allow for increased participation and other activities available to all cadets. You may have noticed that due to construction parts of the school still seem unusable. Rest assured that all classes, and especially NJROTC will fully operational and ready to go. Indeed, many of the cadets have been working diligently over the summer on various activities. Approximately 25 cadets attended Basic or Advanced Leadership training in Jun/Jul, 17 cadets participated in the mini boot camp held in Aug, and we also maintained limited community service event participation. Four cadets attended Texas Boys State, two attended MOWW sponsored Youth Leadership Camps, and one attended Nationals Drill Camp.

    In addition to all the activities we participated in last year, we are very excited about establishing our marksmanship program at the school with a dedicated range just down the hall from our classrooms. Additionally, we hope to expand our orienteering and academic competition schedule allowing more participation from cadets.

    We look forward to a very rewarding year and hope to see as many as possible in class. Please look at the schedule to see a list of events that have already been determined. We will endeavor to keep the calendar updated, but if you ever have a question, please feel free to contact LCDR Wilcock or AZ1 Flater.

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    Posted by Lawrence Wilcock on 8/3/2016 1:00:00 PM

      Hello everyone!  My name is AZ1 Mike Flater and I am the NEW Naval Science Instructor (NSI) at GHS NJROTC.  I have been an Instructor at Santa Ana HS NJROTC located in Santa Ana, CA (Orange County, Anaheim area, 5 minutes from Disneyland) for the past four years.  I served 20 years in the United States Navy as an Active Duty Sailor and have ben stationed in California (4 years total), Washington (8 years total), and Hawaii (8 years total).  I have deployed on CV (conventional) and CVN (nuclear) type Carriers, Destroyers, Frigates, and Cruisers.


      I am a father of four boys.  Ages are 21, 19, 17 and 10.  My oldest son (Nicolas) has competed four years of naval service and now resides in CA in the Los Angeles area.  Anthony (19) is currently serving in the Army on Active Duty and is stationed in Killeen, TX with his wife.  Zachary (17) departs 12 September 2016 for Army Basic Training.  All three were in an NJROTC unit at various locations.  Zachary was my Battalion Commander this past school.  And then there is Thomas (10), he has yet to experience life without a brother by his side for the first ten years of his life.  He is our football star and enjoys hanging around and participating with NJROTC activities.  He is an orienteer and was very successful at this.  Last is my wife Susan. we have been married for over 22 years now.  She has been to every duty station and is a tremendous supporter of the NJROTC program.


      I look forward to meeting each and every one once the school year starts or sooner if you make it to the ROTC spaces between now and then.  See ya soon!


    AZ1 Flater, Mike

    (AZ = Aviation Maintenance Administration)

    (1 = Petty Officer First Class)

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