Greenville Independent School District

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Meet Our School Board of Trustees

School Board Group Photo  

Greenville ISD is divided into seven single-member districts with one trustee representing each district. Voters residing within the boundaries of each single-member district elect trustees. Candidates are required to live in the district in order to run for that district's trustee position.


School Board President
Anne Haynes, President
District 1: Term expires  2019
Trena Stafford
Trena Stafford, Secretary
District 2: Term expires 2020
Dr. Kim Butcher
Dr. Kim Butcher, Vice President
District 3: Term expires 2020 
Lesley Overstreet
Lesley Overstreet
District 4: Term expires 2020
 John C. Kelso
John C. Kelso
District 5: Term expires 2018 
Slack Brown
Slack Brown
District 6: Term expires 2019 
Aaron Adel
Aaron Adel
District 7: Term expires 2018