• Carver Elementary has been open, at its present campus, since 2002.  It is a school comprised of dedicated teachers and staff that do whatever is necessary to see that students thrive and learn.
    The staff is dedicated toward an ultimate goal of Exemplary - not because it is a rating but because it means that students have been successful in learning and mastering the skills they need to achieve.
    Carver’s goal is to add rigor and relevance to the instruction of students through regular curriculum meetings with the principal and using authentic literacy instruction.  The District has provided excellent professional development in that area and the strategies presented are a valued addition to the way our teachers approach literacy instruction.
    Another focus continues to be one of unified science instruction across the campus. The staff at Carver has a drive to excel in all areas of science.
    Knowing that writing is a critical component of authentic literacy, Carver continues to focus on writing - in every grade level and in all subject areas.  Students are also encouraged to stretch their critical thinking through argumentative reading and discussion.
    Math instruction is another priority, as stated in the District priorities. Additional support through tutoring is provided by staff and retired teachers, as is done in the reading area as well.
    Carver strives to encourage family members of all students to be more actively involved in the school setting, knowing that it takes all of us to help our students become successful.