• Note From the Director of Alternative Education/Principal 

     In the last several years, the HEC campus has been uniquely transformed towards 21st century technology and various partnerships with Paris Junior College and the business community.  We address each student as a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, positive, and stimulating environment.

     Here at Houston Education Center, parents, guardians, and students will find outstanding customer service with a dedicated “Team” of administrators, teachers, and staff members who are knowledgeable and compassionate with regard to each student being successful.  We are ensuring that all students are safe and educated without any exception.

    We strongly believe that each student can pursue a higher education at the college level or technical institute after leaving this remarkable campus.  Our aim is to create a strong educational foundation for college readiness with our students.  At New Horizons, we have a self-paced concept paired with traditional instructional strategies to guarantee student success. Our STEM Resource Room that’s under construction is just one of many components that makes this such a unique and innovative campus. This will be the first year that we will introduce Robotics to our campus. We will continue to allow the students to attend the high school for CTE classes. The students again this year will be able to take advantage of remedial classes for Math and English through Paris Junior College online. New Horizons offers dual credits for the students to take online. Our Newcomers Center is available for non-English-speaking students who come from other countries.  Its purpose is to help acclimate the students and prepare them to go to the high school, including ESL (English as a Second Language) classes.  We also have a full-time daycare to support the needs of our students with small children.  The HEC team’s vision is to not just be “Good”, but to strive to be “Great”.

    Ultimately, with our Superintendent, Dr. Liggins, I know that we will reach even greater heights with innovative technology and our shared aspiration that every student is successful.


    Best Regards,

    Chip Gregory
    Director of Alternative Education/
    Principal/District Attendance Officer