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    Qualifying Life Event

    Changes in benefits can only be made if you have a qualifying life event. It is a personal change in the employee’s family status which allows them under IRS “Change of Status” regulations to make a change to health insurance benefits with the district. (ex. Marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, involuntary loss of coverage in another group plan, gaining other coverage in another group plan)

    What are the requirements to make a change?

    1. You only have 31 calendar days from the date of the qualifying event to make a change.
    2. You are required to fill out and turn in the Benefit Change form to the HR Department
    3. You are required to send supporting documentation with the Benefits Change Form.


    • Birth – verification of birth facts, birth certificate
    • Adoption – adoption papers
    • Death – death certificate
    • Marriage – marriage license
    • Divorce – divorce decree (first and last pages with judge’s signature)
    • Involuntary loss of coverage – certificate of creditable coverage or statement on letterhead from terminating group insurance plan. The following must be included:
      – who was covered
      – date the coverage ends
      – type of coverage
    • Gaining other coverage – statement on letterhead from new insurance provider or confirmation of enrollment. The following must be included:
      – who is covered
      – date coverage started
      – type of coverage