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    The Mentor Program is a state mandated yet unfunded program providing support and guidance to our new teachers her at Greenville ISD.
    Our GOALS:
    - To provide new teachers a professional relationship with a mentor for professional growth and development
    - To retain new teachers in the profession by providing opportunities with a mentor to develop necessary knowledge and skills in teaching
    - To provide mentors opportunities for personal growth through collaboration with new teachers and other mentor teachers
    - To provide new teachers support and assistance in implementing the curriculum of the school
    The Mentor Will:
    * Facilitate a productive beginning of school year for the new teacher
    * Orient the new teacher to building practices and procedures and introduce him or her to the staff\
    * Aid in preparation for the beginning of school year and assist in setting up classrooms
    * Teach specific skills and knowledge necessary for successful job performance
    * Counsel to provide emotional support in stressful times; clarify new teacher's career goals, and develop plans of action to achieve career goals
    * Model traits and behaviors that become a blueprint for the new teacher to use in patterning his or her own manner
    * Provide a safe environment where the new teacher can make mistakes without losing self confidence
    * Establish open lines of communication through which concerns can be discussed clearly and effectively
    * Coach by providing relevant feedback to improve the new teacher's performance and potential
    * Provide mutual caring the extends beyond the requirement of daily work tasks to sharing of experiences outside the immediate work setting
    Retaining Quality Teachers
    * Improving beginning teachers' skills and performance
    * Supporting teacher morale, communications, and collegiality
    * Building a sense of professionalism, positive attitude
    * Facilitating a seamless transition into the first year of teaching
    * Putting theory into practice
    * Preventing teacher isolation  
    * Building self- reflection