• Welcome to Greenville Independent School District! The following information will guide you to begin the enrollment process for your student(s) in GISD.

    Greenville ISD uses an online portal, Parent Access, to enroll students. Parent Access will allow you to view helpful student information such as attendance, grade book and pay your child’s lunch account.
    New student enrollment is available at any time.

    In order to enroll your child as a new student in Greenville ISD, you must complete the following online enrollment steps. Only complete the following steps if you are a new family to Greenville ISD and do not have any student's enrolled in the district.

    (If you already have Parent Access and have a new student, but are not a new family to the district, log into to Parent Access and complete the New Student Online Enrollment section.)

    *****You will need a computer and Internet access to complete the process.*****

    1.  Email Address

     You will need a valid email account prior to enrolling your child. If you need to create an email address, complete the following:

    • Go to mail.google.com.
    • Click create an account.
    • Follow the instructions to create an account. 

    *Please remember your email address and password as it is separate from the Parent Access account information. You will need to access this email account to retrieve your Parent Access information.

    2.  Parent Access Account (New to the District Families ONLY)

    a.     Go to www.greenvilleisd.com

    b.      Click the Parents tab.

    c.     Click Parent Access Account Request.

    d.      Fill out the form and click Submit.

    e.     Log into your email account to retrieve your account information and link.

    3. New Student Enrollment 

    a.     Click the link provided in the email.

    b.      Log in to Parent Access.

    c.      Complete New Student Online Enrollment and Registration Forms. 

    All required documentation must be taken to your student's campus after you have completed online enrollment. Your student will not be enrolled as a student in Greenville ISD until all documentation has been received at the student's campus. 
    Required Documentation 
    1. Current proof of residency  (utility bill or lease contract)
    2. Certified birth certificate
    3. Student's social security card
    4. Immunization records (Immunization Parent Letter) (Public School Required Immunizations)

    *******Additional New Students *******

    If enrolling additional new students, complete the New Student Online Enrollment instructions above for each new student only.  Complete all enrollment and registration forms for any new students. 
    Please contact your student’s campus if you have any questions.