• District of Innovation

  • The Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1842 during the 84th Legislature establishing a process to create Districts of Innovation.  The District of Innovation (DOI) concept gives traditional independent school districts most of the flexibilities as Texas’s open-enrollment charter schools. Greenville Independent School District feels that this is an opportunity to gain more local control and create a plan to meet the needs of our students, community, and staff.  Upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the plan will remain in effect of five years from the date of adoption.

    The Board of Trustees approved a resolution on January 17, 2017 initiating the process to move forward to create a District of Innovation plan.  A public hearing was held on the same night to inform the public about the District of Innovation process.  Additionally, the Board appointed a committee to research and draft a plan.

    The final plan will be presented to the District Educational Improvement Council (site based committee) and the Board of Trustees for final approval. The plan is proposed to be approved by the Board on June 20, 2017.