Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures in English

  • Crockett Parent Car Pick-up Procedures


    1. Pull to the right side of Wolfe City Drive and enter Crockett to the right of the entrance.
    2. Please do not block the left lane. The buses will be using it.
    3. Drive around to the back of the building forming two lanes according to the stripes.
    4. Please stop at the cones at the back of the building.
    5. Please be sure you have the sign in your front window with your student’s name, grade and teacher on it.
    6. The students will be loaded into your car.
    7. Each line will be dismissed, one at a time, by the teacher on duty.
    8. Please be careful as you pull around the building and exit onto Wolfe City Drive.


    If you have any questions about the pick-up procedures, please call the office at 903-457-2684. Thank you.