Surveys & research

  • In Greenville ISD, we value input and research in evaluating our programs and day-to-day decisions. We survey our parents, community and employees on topics ranging from dress code to elections, and we use their feedback to inform future decisions. Surveys are always confidential, and the respondents' identities are not known to GISD officials. Here are some recent surveys and resulting action:


    Dress code: As a result of input from 1,820 people, all Greenville ISD students (on all campuses) will have Free Dress Mondays! AND students will be able to wear solid polo shirts in any color the other days of the week, along with the other dress items specified in the 2018-19 student dress code.

    Free Dress Monday guidelines will be included in the student handbook and parent online registration. In addition, principals will have the authority to announce additional Free Dress Days for students throughout the school year. 
    Spotlight on Student Engagement is an event that was held for several years in GISD, but people were ready for a change. To see what parts of the spotlight people liked and didn't like and to hear their suggestions for alternative programs, we surveyed parents, students, community members, and staff and heard back from 340 repondents. As a result of their feedback, we designed a more finely focused engagement program in the spring of 2018 that truly cast a spotlight. Our first spotlight was on the fine arts, and we will change the focus on a new area every year.
    TRE Swap & Drop