2018 TRE Election


    Thank you, Greenville ISD voters, for approving a TRE Swap & Drop proposition that funded teacher and staff raises!  


    What is happening as a result of voters approving the Swap & Drop?

    • GISD is receiving $1.57 million in additional funding, which will be used for teacher and staff raises. This funding benefit will be permanent, recurring year after year.
    • The overall tax rate is decreasing by one penny.



    Q: How does Greenville ISD's tax rate compare to its neighbors?

    A: Greenville ISD's 2017-18 tax rate is the lowest of 10 area districts, including Royse City, Caddo Mills, and Rockwall.




    Q: How do Greenville ISD’s teachers’ salaries compare to those in neighboring districts?

    A: Greenville ranks 8 out of 10 for starting teachers’ salaries, based on 2017-18 data.


    Q: What is the GISD school board's history of lowering the tax rate as debt is paid off?

    A: Since the bond issue passed in 2014, the school board has been paying off its I&S debt and passing savings along to taxpayers every year. The steady increase in property values has allowed the I&S rate to drop every year since 2014.





    Q: Have other districts used Tax Ratification Elections to raise revenues? 

    A: Yes. Tax Ratification Elections are being called across the State of Texas by districts looking to raise revenue for raises and other day-to-day expenses. As school districts lose local control of their locally paid tax dollars due to the complicated school funding formula, TREs allow them to maximize what is allotted to them under the state's finance formula. We thank our voters doing their research and for supporting Greenville ISD. 

    We always welcome questions from our community! Please send your questions to communications@greenvilleisd.com or call 903-408-4453.