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Mission and Vision

School Board Beliefs and Commitments

We believe every student deserves to be in a safe environment while receiving a broad-based education in preparation for life and work. 

We will maintain on each GISD campus, a safe and disciplined environment conducive to student learning and employee effectiveness.

We believe all children can and will reach their full educational potential when given the necessary tools, direction, and support. 

We will ensure that all children leave GISD with a strong educational foundation which will allow them to pursue their goals and dreams regardless of personal circumstance, economic status, or learning challenges. This will be facilitated through the equitable allocation of resources and utilization of personalized education plans.

We believe our exceptional staff is the most important resource serving the students of our district.

We will actively recruit, support, develop, and maintain highly qualified employees for all areas of the organization. The district will develop an attractive and competitive career package that will establish GISD as a preferred employer.

We believe GISD is accountable to all stakeholders through the success of our students and staff.

We will continually strive toward achieving the highest accountability ratings established by the Texas Education Agency and will foster the development of leadership skills which will allow our students to become successful and productive citizens.

We believe GISD is accountable to all stakeholders through the efficient use of our resources.

We will maintain fiscal responsibility in all district management decisions. 

We will implement our long-range strategic plan to ensure that improvements in school and support facilities are developed in a timely, functional, and cost-effective manner. 

We will maintain existing facilities to support the safety, comfort, and educational well-being of all those in our district.  We will clearly and honestly communicate the financial needs of the district with the broader community.

We believe partnerships with the larger community are vital to a vibrant and exceptional educational system, and that maintaining effective communication is critical to maintaining these relationships. 

We will maintain accurate, consistent, timely, and interactive communication between district employees, students, parents, and the community at large.

The district will provide for family and community involvement that results in positive partnerships reflecting a willingness to work with the district and to share responsibility at various levels for the education of our students.

Vision Statement

We educate today…you succeed tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our united GISD community strives to prepare, inspire and empower every student to lead a successful life.