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Frequently Asked Questions about Travis Intermediate

Frequently Asked Questions about Travis Intermediate School

1. Will the Kindergarten through 4th grade teachers and staff who are currently at Travis Elementary be retained and disbursed among other campuses?

Yes, K-4 teachers who are currently at Travis Elementary will take reassignments at one of the four elementary campuses within GISD.  A map of reassigments can be found here.

2. Will students who participated in robotics at KGJ STEM @ Crockett have access to that activity at Travis Intermediate as a 5th grader?  

Students will have a robotics coach similar to Ms. Berrones so they are able to participate in the 5th grade robotics program at Travis Intermediate.

3. Does the transfer of soon to be 5th grade students include opportunities for STEM?

The course selection for our 5th grade students at Travis Intermediate will be reflective of the course selections offered if students would have remained at their elementary campus. The exception to this will be the offering of Honors Level courses in both Math and Reading. More information on the honors courses to come soon. 

4. Will 5th grade students be able to participate in Band at Travis Intermediate?

At the present time, the Band elective will remain for 6th grade students only. Travis Intermediate will not initially have ample staff or space for both grades but GISD is actively exploring these options.

For additional questions, please email