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Meet the Finance Team

Fahyssury Atkinson

Titles: Purchasing Coordinator
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Departments: Finance

Rhonda Davis

Titles: Payroll Specialist
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Departments: Finance

Johana Estrada

Titles: Administrative Assistant to Finance
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Departments: Finance

Coy Martin

Titles: Chief Financial Officer
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Departments: Administration, Finance

Latisha Miles-Britton

Titles: Grant Manager
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Departments: Finance

Brenda Russell

Titles: Director of Finance
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Departments: Finance

Kristi Stanford

Titles: Director of Payroll
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Departments: Finance

Machelle Welch

Titles: Position Control Specialist
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Departments: Finance

Welcome to the Finance, 

Accounting & Budget Home Page


Mission Statement

Finance Quarterly Report

The Greenville ISD Finance Department is responsible for managing the financial resources needed to meet the needs of our students, employees, families and members of our community so that they may be able to provide the best possible education for our students. The GISD Finance Department also recognizes the importance of providing quality information to the citizens of the community regarding the District’s financial plan for the educational programs and services. We actively encourage principals, staff members and administrators to play an active role in budget decisions and resource allocations in order to achieve the educational goals of our District.              



Greenville ISD Receives the Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle Platinum Award


Greenville ISD has been recognized by the Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle as a recipient of the Platinum Award for the second year.    The Platinum award recognizes local governments that have exceeded the requirements for the previous highest level of disclosure. It includes posting of budgets, financial reports and check registers online. The Platinum Award spotlights entities meeting the Gold standard that also: 



  • Post detailed summary information on their websites about current bonded debt and repayment;
  • Link to the Comptroller's governmental transparency website; and
  • Pledge to post information online about proposed bond packages and existing debt. Local officials must provide the Comptroller's office with a link to this information no later than one business day after notice of bond elections has been made public.

For more information about this recognition, please visit the Texas Comptroller's website.  
Click here to view Certificate.     


GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award


GFOA Distinguished Budget Award

For the 5th consecutive year the Government Finance Officer Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) has awarded the Greenville Independent School District its Distinguished Budget presentation Award for excellence in budget presentation. In order to receive the budget award, the district has to satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation. 

To earn this award, the school district submitted its 2015–2016 budget for a rigorous review based on stringent criteria. The award represents a significant achievement by the district. It reflects the commitment of the governing body and staff to meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting.

ASBO Meritorious Budget Award for Budget Excellence  


For the 6th consecutive year, the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) have awarded the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) for excellence in the preparation and issuance of the 2015-2016 school system annual budget to the Greenville Independent School District.  The award represents the continuing commitment of the Greenville Independent School District, the Board of Trustees, and staff in achieving the highest standards of school district budgeting. 


TASBO Awards GISD Award of Merit for Purchasing 



 TASBO is pleased to inform you that Greenville ISD’s application was approved to receive the TASBO Award of Merit for Purchasing and Operations.  The award is provided to school districts and Education Service Centers statewide that are committed to following professional standards in the acquisition of goods and services.  Recipients of the Award of Merit have demonstrated their continuous ability to utilize sound purchasing management policies and promote effective use of school resources.