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Adult Counseling Services for all GISD Employees

Services provided for GISD Employees

  1. Social-Emotional Support Services are provided to Greenville Independent School District employees at no cost.
  2. Appointments are scheduled through a Licensed Professional Counselor by scanning the QR Code found on the Greenville ISD website and completing the referral form. After scheduling an appointment, location of services will be discussed. A counselor may be available after hours in the case of an emergency. An emergency is defined as being suicidal, homicidal, or actively psychotic.
  3. All efforts will be made to meet with you face-to-face; however, in the event sessions need to be conducted via telecounseling, these will be conducted on a platform that meets HIPAA requirements.
  4. Social-Emotional Support Services are designed to assist in personal problems and provide short-term (one to two sessions) counseling. A trained Licensed Professional Counselor will assist in finding the appropriate course of action to resolve or work through the clients presenting problem.
  5. When referring clients (you) for necessary treatment beyond the scope of Social-Emotional Support Services, the counselor will attempt to refer the client to qualified therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists, outpatient treatment and inpatient treatment facilities. The client (you) will be responsible for any associated costs from a referral.
  6. The Licensed Professional Counselor will make an assessment of your problem(s) and provide you brief counseling and/or a professional referral, as appropriate.

What Are the Benefits of Counseling Services?

If you are experiencing depression or are a survivor of trauma, counseling services can help you:

  • Learn to change thoughts and behaviors.
  • Feel better mentally and physically.
  • Feel better about relationships you have with others.
  • Better connect with your friends and family.

Also, please remember our Employee Assistance Program with WellVia, .  WellVia’s Employee Assistance Program provides convenient, high-tech access to benefits to help employees and families reduce stress and manage life responsibilities. Through their network of clinicians, life coaches and work/life specialists, members receive comprehensive, personalized support for any personal or professional need. Their program works virtually and they have Unlimited Virtual Access – Call, Text, Email, Live Chat, Mobile Apps, Web Services.

Use the QR Code to complete a referral form. The Licensed Professional Counselor will contact you with more information and to set up a session.

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