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Regional Day School Program

Greenville Regional Day School Program for the Deaf serves eligible students age 0-21 who reside in a member district of the Greenville Regional Day School Program for the Deaf Shared Service Arrangement Agreement. Any student with a hearing impairment that significantly impacts development of language and/or performance in school and the processing of linguistic information through hearing, even with recommended amplification, will be eligible for consideration for the Greenville Regional Day School Program for the Deaf. This is subject to the ARD committee recommendation.

Greenville RDSPD offers a wide range of classroom services. Some students are mainstreamed into regular classes with or without an interpreter, as needed. Others are in special small classes with a certified teacher of the deaf, from preschool through high school. Other students may take a combination of deaf education classes and general education classes.

Itinerant services are offered to hearing impaired students in their home districts within our Shared Service Agreement area. Services are provided to students on a pullout basis to provide language development therapy.

Parent/Infant teachers provide in home training and support for parents of young deaf children from birth until the three years of age.

The communication needs for each child are determined by the ARD committee based on assessment. Students are provided access to communication through intensive language development, speech therapy, use of amplification and auditory training, and use of sign language.

Lead RDSPD Teacher Mary Shaddox