The purpose of the Greenville ISD Citizens Advisory Committee is to evaluate current and future needs and develop a comprehensive plan to address district growth and facility conditions to support quality educational programs. The committee will provide facility recommendations to the Greenville ISD Board of Trustees after a thorough assessment and analysis of relevant data. 


    The Greenville ISD Citizens' Advisory Committee members include parents, non-parents, campus staff, community members, business owners, church leaders, and grandparents to provide a mix of backgrounds and geographic representation across GISD.


    ●  Develop and prioritize potential projects for safety and security, new construction, renovations/additions, technology infrastructure upgrades, and other areas that may arise from community input
    ●  Assess and prioritize the district’s current and long-term facility needs, including:
         ο   Energy efficiency and sustainable features
         ο   Building age, safety, capacity and condition
         ο   Evolving educational delivery and programs
         ο   Technology infrastructure
         ο   Technology classroom needs
         ο   District enrollment trends
         ο   Review land needs
         ο   Review use of portable buildings


    ●  Consider the educational needs of all students 
    ●  Align recommendations with the district’s mission, vision, and goals
    ●  Meet the educational requirements of the district while supporting and aligning facility improvements
    ●  Identify and prioritize facilities visions/needs
    ●  Consider the district’s current financial position and remain fiscally conservative
    ●  Provide recommended solutions to address student population growth, aging facilties, and evolving education


    The committee will review and conduct the following:

    ●  Tour school facilities to gain an understanding of building and infrastructure needs
    ●  Review future educational program needs
    ●  Review facilities assessments provided by a facility expert, architects, engineers and staff
    ●  Review city and county population data and enrollment projections
    ●  Review community development information
    ●  Review GISD financial data
    ●  Review funding requirements and options
    ●  Review the results of parent and community surveys
    ●  Consider other data relevant to creating and maintaining learning environments that align with the district’s mission, vision, and goals
    ●  Develop a set of recommendations for the GISD Board of Trustees to consider


  • The Citizens Advisory Committee met six times. Presentations from those meetings, along with addition resources, are provided below.