• Lamar Elementary School is a campus on a mission: To provide an educational environment that produces independent thinkers, creative problem solvers and responsible citizens.

    Quality education has been a priority at Lamar for more than 75 years, and special programs are offered for children with special needs. A highly successful reading program is available and is a source of help for many who previously could not read.

    Other special programs are offered for special needs, including Speech for children with speech problems, Reading Literacy, ESL and counseling for children that require special assistance.

    Lamar has always been fortunate to have many volunteers and a very active PTA, providing assistance for the teachers and funding projects for the school. Lamar excels in education, involving parents, faculty and the community.

    To improve parental involvement and improve school/community relations, the school took a series of steps, including establishing a Parent Education Committee, participating in L-3’s “Adopt a Soldier” program, working with Boy and Girl Scout organizations, organizing PTA-sponsored clothes closet to support the standardized dress policy and participating in the FISH food collection dive ministry.

    The mission of Lamar Elementary School is to facilitate the mission of the Greenville Independent School District by providing a positive learning experience, in which to build self-esteem and good character, while challenging students to learn and enjoy learning.