• New Horizons

     During the 2010-2011 school year, New Horizons Learning Center, created in 1990, embraced a new educational path: a remarkable technological advancement in classrooms, which included a one-to-one laptop program for all students. This groundbreaking program, currently in its fifth year, provides students with new and exciting opportunities to experience a globalized education that seeks to ensure students learn all core and elective content according to Texas standards while simultaneously introducing students to a world merely beneath their fingertips as they use wireless Internet technology and laptops to access the Internet's treasure chest of information.

    Though New Horizons originated from a state grant and was originally designed specifically for at-risk students, or even students who chose to drop out, this particular campus has evolved to the point of accepting students with many different educational backgrounds, needs, talents, and goals. While the short-term goal is high school graduation, New Horizons is determined to provide a sound education that will inevitably assist students as they progress in their individual higher education goals. Truly a remarkable, nurturing environment, New Horizons directly assists all students - regardless of the present need.