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GMS Robotics Team named Tournament Champions

The Greenville Middle School Gig-A-Bots Robotics Team and the Sixth Grade Center Cyborgs Robotics Team dominated the East Texas Vex Tournament at UT-Tyler with Team 2148D from Greenville Middle School being named Tournament Champions and Team 3148B from the Sixth Grade Center being named Tournament Finalist. Impressively, the GMS and SGC students competed against high school students from East Texas and the Dallas area. In addition to the tournament champions and finalists, all of the GISD teams made the elimination rounds.


GMS Tournament Champion Team 2148D is made up of Ryan Swistak, Channing Hemingway, Jacob Hunnicutt and Ethan King. SGC Tournament Finalist Team 3148B members are Brandon LeBlanc, Zachery Freeman, Nathaniel Stutzman, Rosemary Johnson and Hannah Cowgill.


Additional GMS teams included Teams 2148J and 2148C who were eliminated in the Quarterfinals. Team 2148J is made up of Martin Castillo, Corey Hargraves, Marco Alcaraz, and Mayra Ruiz. Team 2148C is made up of: Nathan Fort, Hunter Hooten, Hector Pineda and Nick Ruprecht.


Team 2148M was eliminated in the Semifinals. Team 2148M is made up of: Coleman Avants, Ryan Bakkum, Hannah Mulder, and Aidan Smith


Orion Casper, Middle School Coach stated, “The Greenville Middle School Gigabots did very well at the East Texas Sack Attack Tournament this weekend. I am proud of the way we competed and all of the teams made the Elimination Rounds. I am especially proud of Team 2148D. After being in the top 8 robots for the first three tournaments of the year, they finally won a tournament and qualified for nationals. Omaha here we come!”


Additional SGC teams included Team 3148S who were eliminated in the quarterfinals. Team 32148B team members are Tessa Mitchell, Cole Daniel, Yulissa Suarez, Katie Wolfe, Katie Shaw and Keondric Avair. Team 3148D joined the # 3 alliance. They were eliminated in the semifinals. Team 3148D team members are Javier Littlefield, Pamela Ugalde, Yeon Soo Jung and Trenton Burns.


Joanne Jenkins, Sixth Grade Center Coach said, “The students did it all, we are so proud of their abilities.”