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4th Graders Receive President's Education Award

Each year, President Barack Obama issues President’s Education Awards to students who have excelled in the classroom. He includes a note which states in part, “Please accept my congratulations on receiving the President’s Education Award. I am pleased to join your family, friends, and teachers in recognizing this tremendous achievement. Nothing will have a greater impact on your success – and the success of our Nation – than the knowledge and skills you gain in the classroom…By earning this award, you have shown the discipline and drive to excel academically, and I encourage you to carry those qualities forward in all that you do.”


Pictured are fourth graders from Lamar Elementary who received the prestigious award.


Top row left to right: Chloe Manley, Kristen Gentry, Sam Martin, William Nichols, Austin Arize, Ryan Kirk

Bottom row left to right: Mariah Rios, Raimi Oldshield, Johnathan Frimpter, Brandon Stephens
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