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LP Waters Back to Campus Monday

LP Waters students can expect to return to campus on Monday, March 24th. The pre-K school has been conducting classes at Carver Elementary this week due to complications from a sewage issue.

Over the past two weeks, the restoration company Blackmon Mooring has been removing contaminated soil from under the school and remediating the facility. Approximately 75% of soil under the school was affected. Ozone machines and an air machine are currently blowing under the building to assure the removal of excess moisture and a final inspection under the building has been completed.

Previous air quality tests conducted by the city have come back clean. As an extra precaution, the environmental services company EcoSystems will be on campus Sunday to take additional air samples, surface swabs and soil samples from under the building. EcoSystems will also test the playground as an extra precaution.

Although a final cost for remediation has not been determined, the school district has filed a claim with the district’s insurance company.

On the interior of the building, all materials were removed from the walls in all hallway areas. The front wing, hallways, cafeteria areas, gym walls and bleachers have been thoroughly cleaned from floor to ceiling by the school district’s custodial staff. The rear wings will have similar treatment over the weekend. A floor crew is also planned to run a floor scrubber with a disinfectant over all floors. Additionally, all hallways, gym and cafeteria floors will be burnished.

The Greenville ISD maintenance and custodial crews have worked tirelessly through Spring Break and over weekends. Their dedication is a testament to the wonderful auxiliary staff the district employs.

The Carver staff, Carver students, LP Waters staff and LP Waters students have been remarkable during this time. The camaraderie, mutual respect and overall professionalism have combatted a potentially difficult situation and students have continued receiving a high-quality education in a safe and orderly learning environment.