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GHS VEX Robotics Qualifies for World Championship and the Greenville Sixth Grade Center named Champions

Greenville TEX.--The Greenville High School VEX Robotics Team, the Iron Cowboys, and the Greenville Sixth Grade Center VEX IQ Robotics Team, the Cyborgs, each competed in tournaments on Saturday, Jan. 10th, where both teams emerged victorious.

Greenville High School

The last time Greenville High School’s Vex team 4148B competed, they posted a 15 point programming skills that won them an award and qualified the team for the world championship. However, as the league play progressed they dropped out of the Top 30 and lost their seat to worlds.

This weekend at the North Texas Vex Skyrise Tournament in Richardson, they fought hard and in the last run of the day posted a 20 point programming skills score that reclaimed their position in the Top 30 that will move on the World Championships. Team 4148B took home two 3rd place medals for Driver Skills and Programming Skills. They are now ranked number 19 in the world for programming skills.

Greenville Sixth Grade Center

The Cyborgs competed in the Greenville Vex IQ Highrise Tournament at the Sixth Grade Center. James Hardaway, the Cyborgs Coach, said that “the Cyborgs have entered two tournaments and have had a tournament championship and taken home a judged award in each. I look forward to seeing what will happen in our upcoming tournaments.”

Team 3148C, whose members are GianCarlos Belteton, Clayton Gibson, Johnathan Frimpter, Gerardo Olivas and Matthew McFarland, joined with Team 26000, Ironwave, to become Tournament Champions, qualifying them for the VEX IQ State Tournament in Greenville on February 28th.

Team 3148D, whose team members are Landon Fry, Areli Ramirez, Vanessa Ortega, Zulema Velazquez and Bryan Perez, won the Design Award. The Design Award is presented to a team that uses the Engineering Notebook to demonstrate an organized and effective approach to the robot design process, project and time management skills, and team organization.

Johnny Tharp, the District Robotics Facilitator and Instructor, said “The Middle School Robotics Team, the Gigabots, staffed and ran all areas of the tournament. This activity is part of the Middle School Robotics program. Our students learn what it is like to be on the administrative side of a tournament which gives them insight into what officials contend with in their tournaments. They conducted themselves professionally and I am proud of the job they did.”

The following Sixth Grade Center Teams earned places in the playoffs are:

Team 3148A - Team members are Josue Adame, Thomas Mattson, McKenna Smith and Alex Rosales.

Team 3148B – Team members are Jayce Dickeson, Joshua Luna, Jovani Rodriguez, Aranth Ramirez and KD Anderson.

Team 3148E – Team members are Jackson Pitts, Jesse Parson, Jessi Molina and William Pittsinger.

Team 3148F – Team members are Mariah Rios, Garrett Phillips, Eric Anderson, Sistinas Stretch and Jonathan Hernandez.

Team 3148J – Team members are Andrew Dean, Eric Osornio, Joe Osornio, Cristian Portillo and Jonathan Garcia.

Team 3148S – Team members are Elijah Wofford, Samuel martin, Corbin Row, Jonathan Hernandez and Matthew McFarland.

For more information about the Greenville High School Robotics Program and STEM Education, please contact Adrienne Emerson at . For information about the Greenville Middle School and Sixth Grade Center Robotics Program and Pre-STEM Education, please contact Johnny Tharp at .






GHS VEX Robotics (left-right) Corey Hargraves, Raymond McClure, Nick Hazlett, Ryan Garland.
SGC Team 3148C (left-right) Matthew McFarland, Giancarlos Belteton, Gerardo Olivas, Jonathan Frimpter and Clay Gibson.
SGC 3148D (left-right) Bryan Perez, Vanessa Ortega, Landon Fry, Areli Ramirez and Zulema Velequez.