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Spotlight on SGC Teacher, Chris James

Many employees of the Greenville ISD are products of the community of Greenville and have a strong sense of loyalty to the city and schools. “Once I decided education was where I wanted to be, I couldn’t think of anywhere else but GISD,” says Sixth Grade Center teacher, Chris James. “I was raised in Greenville and went to school here, so it seemed very fitting to give back to the same community that gave me so much as I grew up.” James is the Boys PE teacher at the Greenville Sixth Grade Center as well as the GMS Girls Soccer coach. 

James has worked for GISD for the past four years. Previously working as the Sixth Grade Center’s ACE Coordinator, James was able to transition into the role of Boys PE teacher in the fall of 2014. “I love being able to teach physical education,” said James. “With our society seeing more and more medical problems at younger ages, I feel that it is extremely important to teach children how to build healthy habits that will last long into their lives.”

James not only has a strong passion for health and fitness, but also for the school he’s at, saying “the highlight of my career, thus far, is that I was able to transition from an ACE Coordinator to a PE teacher at the same school. This has allowed me to be able to teach the same age students in a different manner than I was able to do during my time with ACE.”

Making a difference in a child’s life is a common motivating factor among all who work in education. “As teachers, coaches, and administrators, we have the opportunity to guide someone’s path. It could be through the child’s education, their social or emotional growth or by just being a quality role model for a young person to look up to. All are substantial parts in a child’s development.”

There is no doubt that being a teacher is an extremely rewarding career where “every day is something new. Children constantly keep you on your toes, you never know what funny things they will say or do.”