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GMS 8th Grade Wins First Place Overall in UIL Scholastic Competition

On Saturday, Feb. 19, Greenville Middle School competed in the regional UIL Scholastic competition held at Terrell High School.  GMS students competed alongside students from Furlough Middle School in Terrell, Warren and Brown Middle School in Forney, and Royse City Middle School. Greenville Middle School eighth graders took home first place overall with the most cumulative points. Below are the results of the competition, broken up by category and grade.


8th grade:  Anabelle Tylenda 1st place

Calculator: Coached by Mrs. Shaw

7th grade:  Emberly Rios 2nd place, Emily Ramirez 3rd place

8th grade:  Noah Plumb 1st place, Ben Gonzales 3rd place, Anah Reeves 6th place

Chess Puzzle: Coached by Mr. Casper

8th grade:  Luke Weise 5th place

Dictionary Skills:  Coached by Mr. Lucas

7th grade:  Abigail Daugherty 6th place  

8th grade: Emmilei Thomas 1st place, Kaylee Shields 4th place

Editorial Writing: Coached by Mrs. Homack

7th grade:  Sarah Whitson 3rd place, Vanessa Ortega 6th place

8th grade:  Avery Spencer 4th place, Janie Shasteen 6th place 


Impromptu Speaking: Coached by Coach Hanson

8th grade: Katherine Duncan 1st place

Listening:  Coached by Mrs. Holland

7th grade:  Olivia Johnson 3rd place, Clay Gibson 5th place

Maps, Graphs, & Charts: Coached by Mrs. Holland

8th grade:  Jennifer Soto 2nd place

Mathematics: Coached by Mrs. Matthews

7th grade:  Imani Tedgna 4th place

Modern Oratory:  Coached by Mrs. Price

8th grade:  Eisley Comeford 2nd place, Colby Mapengo 6th place

Music Memory: Coached by Mrs. Holland/Ms. Bost

8th grade:  Ben Gonzales 3rd place, Lawren Newberry 4th place, Angel Guzman 5th place

Oral Reading: Coached by Mrs. Matthews

7th grade:  Rylee Powell 1st place

8th grade:  Allie Wooten 6th place

Ready Writing: Coached by Mrs. Price

7th grade:  McKenna Smith 3rd place, Jordan Honeycutt 6th place

8th grade:  Wyatt Spivey 1st place, Madison Champion 3rd place

Science: Coached by Mrs. Dennis

8th grade:  Joshua Allen 3rd place

Spelling: Coached by Mrs. Petty

7th grade:  Riley Williams 3rd place, Clay Gibson 6th place

8th grade:  Jiselle Mendoza 5th place

Social Studies: Coached by Mr. Nickens

8th grade:  Holley Martinez and Jennifer Soto tied for 3rd place


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