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Greenville ISD Alumnus Invited to White House

Knikole Taylor, Greenville ISD alumnus and Master Teacher at George Washington Carver 6th STEM Learning Center in Lancaster ISD, has been invited to attend the National and State Teacher of the Year Luncheon at The White House on May 3. She will attend this event to be recognized for her work and contributions to the field of Education along with other top level-teachers around the nation.

Taylor was nominated by the EdCamp Foundation, an international collaborative learning network of educators whose mission is centered on the development of organic, participant-driven professional learning experiences for educators by educators. Her selection is based on her consistent work and contributions to the student and teacher global learning environments for the last 14-years as a classroom educator and campus administrator in Greenville and Dallas ISDs and currently in Lancaster ISD.

Taylor is a founding team member of EdCamp Southwest Dallas and the organizer of two EdCamp sessions at the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE) in Dallas and Houston areas.

“All of this came about when I moved from my island, or my comfort zone,” Taylor said. “There is so much to learn and share with other educators in your building, district, region, state and all over the world. I want teachers to stay on fire to learn and grow in order to give students their best each day. We can only do this by continually growing and learning globally with others.”

While teaching is her passion and she admits that her love for it often keeps her up at night, she is very excited for the opportunity.

“It’s always nice to be recognized for your hard work and efforts. I am in awe of the Edcamp Movement and what it has enabled educators to do,” she said. “I am honored to receive a nomination from them and look forward to working with other teachers who have learned how to amplify their voices in the educational field.”

Taylor is daughter of Ralph and Doris Sanders of Greenville, Texas, and has continued her father’s legacy in the field of education. Ralph Sanders serves Greenville ISD as Executive Director of Human Resources and has also worked as teacher and principal in the district.