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GHS VEX Robotics Compete in 2016 VEX World Championship

On Saturday, April 23rd, Greenville High School's VEX robotics team, Iron Cowboys 4148A, concluded their season at the 2016 VEX World Championship held in Louisville, KY. The Iron Cowboys made it all the way to the elimination rounds of the world competition.

“The team worked very hard putting in 12 hour days tuning and tweaking the robot’s setup, collecting data and play matches,” said Iron Cowboys Coach, Colin Nobles.  “Although they did not make elimination rounds, they closed the season with a record of 91-32-0,” he said, “they worked so hard and have overcome a lot of obstacles. I’m so proud of the students and I’m very excited to continue working with them for next season,” said Nobles.

Although the team ended their World Championship run in the elimination rounds, they had a very successful tournament season, earning seven awards across five tournaments, including: the Create Award at the Garland Robotics Competition, the Excellence Award at the Jack E. Singley Nothing But Net competition, the Design Award and the Programming Skills Award at the Greenville Nothing But Net League, a Tournament Championship and Teamwork Award at the North Texas-Nothing But Net competition, and the Design Award at the North Texas Nothing But Net Regional Competition.

Team members of the Iron Cowboys include Tessa Mitchell, Brandon LeBlanc, Jessica Bousquet, Romeo Gomez, Trenton Burns, Logan Hobson, Jordan Frimpter and scouts Nickolas Hazlet and Nickolas Torres.

For more information about the Robotics Program at Greenville High School, please contact Adrienne Emerson at