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GMS Staff Creates Heart-Warming Student Appreciation Video

In the spirit of giving thanks this year, the staff at Greenville Middle School decided to show their students how appreciated they are. The staff was instructed to choose a student each day whom inspires them and reminds them of why they decided to become a teacher. GMS ELAR teacher, Tyler Tyndell, then filmed teachers telling those students how appreciated they are, making sure to capture the students’ reactions.

The GMS staff members involved in producing the video are Principal, David Gish, Tyler Tyndell, Bobbi Bowen, Robert Neyra, April Momon, Angela Butler, Bob Maher, Lisa Aly, Philip Fiero, Lisa Frimpter, Daniel Austin, Gordon Rice, Amy Plummer, Kim Price, Toshia Ratliff, Buddy Winstead, Cheryl Dennis, Nicole Masters, Kallie Bost, and Whitney Homack.