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Britain Chevrolet internship puts student in the driver's seat


When you walk into Britain Chevrolet, the first friendly face you're likely to see is that of 2017 Greenville High School graduate Aline Chavez.


Aline started at Britain as an intern, and she did such an outstanding job that she now works there part-time (Monday-Friday and every other Saturday), which is helping pay her way through Paris Junior College.


"She is one of our most valuable employees," Byron said. "One of her great strengths is her skills as a greeter. Whether she's greeting you in person or on the phone, you can immediately tell that she cares."


Aline not only makes a great first impression on customers at Britain Chevrolet, she even helps sell cars by acting as a bilingual interpreter for salesmen on the floor. 


Although Aline will be leaving the car business once she completes her nursing degree, she says her experience at Britain has been invaluable.


"I've learned so much about the business world here," Aline said. "I understand more about how the sales process works, how contracts work, and I even learned how to put license plates on the cars. I love all of it. And my favorite part of the job is being able to work with such positive people."


Launched last year, the internship program is a partnership between Greenville ISD and the Greenville Board of Economic Development. It is one of a host of programs offered through GHS's Career and College Center, which helps students to:


  • Apply for jobs
  • Apply for internships
  • Apply for colleges / vocational training 
  • Register for the SAT or ACT test
  • Apply for scholarships (starting as freshmen)
  • Career counseling
  • Career options / testing


"The Greenville Board of Development is pleased to join with the Greenville Independent School District in providing a partnership between local businesses and industries and the students of GISD," said Greenville Board of Economic Development Chairman Randy Tarpley, owner of Tarpley Realtors. "This grant provides for a unique opportunity to blend students with employers in the workforce and to build a foundation for continued excellence for many years to come. We are excited about our involvement and look forward to many more years of participation." 


This year, several GISD students are interning at Innovation First International (IFI).


In addition to facilitating internships, GHS College & Career Advisor Donna Toups has been helping students find employment in their fields of interest.


"This year, I have worked with 100+ students in finding employment opportunities in the many businesses in Greenville," Toups said. "This has been good for the students in that they may work and receive pay even on days they are not in school. The internships were limited to only school days on the hours where the employers were reimbursed. "


Toups said GHS students are also able to make strong professional and personal connections through the Independent Student Mentor (ISM) program.


"I am grateful to so many companies that are employing the Greenville High School students and look forward to April when we will be hosting an employment fair for our students," Toups said.


Area businesses that would like to learn more about the internship, mentoring and employment programs may contact GHS College & Career Advisor Donna Toups at or 903-408-4735.