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GISD Robowranglers 2018 World Champions!

The Robowranglers of Greenville High School are World Champions for the third time! After a
hard fought week of competition, Greenville High School Robotics Team 148, the
Robowranglers captured their third FIRST Robotics World Championship. The Robowranglers
finished the qualification rounds as the third ranked team in the Hopper Division with a 9-1
record. They were then selected by Team 254, The Cheesy Poofs, from San Jose, California to
join the #1 seeded alliance. Rounding out the world championship alliance were teams from
Sammamish, Washington, and Hod-Ha'Sharon, HaMerkaz, Israel. The Robowranglers and their
partners would go undefeated through the elimination tournament, bringing their overall season
record to 51-4. The team finished their victory with two Final Match decisive victories under the
lights of Minute Maid Park in front of 30,000 cheering spectators.

The Competition:
The Robowranglers are a team of students and mentors from Greenville, TX who compete in
the FIRST Robotics Competition. High school students design and build 150 lb robots to battle
head-to-head in a sports-like game against over 4,000 schools from around the world.

This Year’s Game Description:
Robots must pick-up cubes, score them on giant tilting scales to tip them in their favor and
out-score their opponents. In the end-game robots will hang from a 7-foot high bar while helping
their partners to hang.

About the Robowranglers:
The Robowranglers have been going strong since 1992 and are the oldest robotics team in
Texas. Their previous World Championships were won in 1993, and 2008. They are sponsored
by Greenville ISD, Innovation First International, and L-3 Aerospace Systems.


“ This is one of the best years we’ve had in terms of student outcomes, and it’s always nice when
the results in competition play reflect that. I’ve seen how much these kids have grown, and to
bring home the world championship is a wonderful way to celebrate all their accomplishments. I
could not be more proud of how well our students represented the school district and the city of
Greenville on the world stage. This will surely be a moment they will remember for the rest of
their lives”


-Adrienne Emerson Director of Robotics 9-12 Greenville High School


“What I enjoyed most about this weekend was how much fun we had during the championship
run. I expected things to be stressful, but it was actually very relaxed. After all the practice and
preparation: everyone on the team knew their roles perfectly, and we all had each others’ backs.
We took it one match at a time, slow and steady, with zero stress. The win itself will just end up
a memory, but thanks to my time on the Robowranglers I’ll always know what it feels like to put
the time in preparing for a big challenge, and then work together calmly as a team to get the job
done. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for the larger lessons this experience has given me.”


-Coleman Beggs GHS Senior and Robowrangler Driver

“Winning a world championship is a surreal experience. It showed me that having integrity and
perseverance can lead to great achievements. Also that failure is necessary for success to
occur - you need to learn from your failures if you ever want to achieve big success.”

-Carlos Rodriguez GHS Senior and Robowrangler Strategist

“Everything about attending the world championship is an incredible experience. There were so
many people who wanted to talk to us and learn about out robot and team. I got to talk to teams
from all over the world, including Australia and China to explain how our robot works and how
we design our robots. Greenville is world famous in the robotics community. Winning the
championship as a senior was the perfect way to end my time on the Robowranglers; it makes
my entire experience that much more special.”


-Jessica Bousquet GHS Senior and Robowrangler Pit Crew member


“It was amazing to go down to Houston and watch the team bring back another World
Championship title. I was cheering in the stands with the students during every step of the
tournament down on the field with the them after the final match. Seeing our students celebrate
their victory made me even more proud of our town, school, and everyone who makes this
program possible. The Robowranglers showcase the best Greenville has to offer. Year over
year, I'm blown away by the team's accomplishments. Innovation First is proud to support GISD
and sponsor these brilliant minds. In speaking with any member of the Robowrangler team, it’s
clear that they are learning something special from this once in a lifetime experience.”


-Tony Norman, CEO - Innovation First International - Robowrangler Title Sponsor