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Capturing Kids' Hearts

In what GISD teachers described as "engaging, funny and the best training ever," participants explored and practiced ways to capture kids' hearts.


The nationally renowned workshop, designed by the Flippen Group, focuses on how to first establish a relationship and a rapport with students, opening the doors to learning.


Teachers explored and practiced important social cues. The little things are really the big things - like greeting a student with a handshake at the beginning of class, starting the day with an invitation to share good things that have happened in their lives, and agreeing on a social contract of mutual respect.


When the atmosphere of trust has been established, students are empowered because they experience encouragement and support.

Once this healthy groundwork is complete, behavioral issues, social issues and academic struggles can be more easily addressed. 


Thank you, teachers, for taking the time to so thoughtfully prepare for your students and for designing engaging teaching and learning for the 2018-19 school year!