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Let's Build at STEM!



Students are unleashing their imaginations and problem-solving skills to create everything from cars to cities out of LEGOs specially designed for the classroom.


Thanks to a grant from the Greenville Educational Enrichment Foundation (GEEF), kindergartners at Katherine G. Johnson STEM Academy are building sets that allow them to recreate a story, model a math problem, or show movement using scientific principles.


“The kids are able to be hands-on, and they build sets that are made for each different projects and manipulatives to be creative,” said teacher Paige Shepherd, who was awarded the “Let’s Build at STEM!” grant for $530.


“This grant has been great for my classroom because we can use it across the board here at the STEM Academy,” she said.


Thank you, GEEF, for making this possible for our kids!


Your GEEF Dollars at Work is a series of articles spotlighting how the foundation makes a meaningful difference in the lives of GISD students, teachers and the community by fulfilling academic needs. GEEF supporters include GISD teachers, staff members, parents and area businesses and community members.