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Living wax museum brings career dreams to life


Sixth-graders explore careers ranging from pediatrician to banana farmer & tell visitors all about it!


The career paths of fashion designers, police officers, and banana farmers came to life at the Sixth Grade Center in the form of a living wax museum.


The students' wax museum worked like this: visitors would tour the classroom and push the buttons at different stations. The students, dressed in their professional uniforms -- with the possible exception of the banana farmer, who dressed as a banana -- would come to life and tell you about a typical day on the job. They also told you about the required academic degrees, annual income, and other odds and ends.



"The students really had fun with this project. They had been doing research for a couple of months about various careers and what steps they had to take to get there," sixth-grade teacher Tricia Wheeler said. "This concludes the career part of our research, and next, we'll also research colleges and other life choices."