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Flexible seating helps first-graders work out the wiggles

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We all know first-graders can be a little wiggly. And sometimes, being able to wiggle a little is just the thing they need to get focused.


Whether it’s a floor pillow, beanbag chair or wobble chair, first-graders can pick what suits them best each day when they arrive in Lamar teacher Meaghan Calverley’s classroom.


“I think what has been most beneficial is that my students are in control of where they sit, which gives them the ability to decide where and how they work best.” Calverley explained. “They are able to get their work done, move or wiggle if they need to but still remain focused”. 


She said her students have been good about working together and picking the spot that works best for them at their various stations and rotations.


The flexible seating is made possible thanks to a grant from the Greenville Educational Enrichment Foundation (GEEF). 


Your GEEF Dollars at Work is a series of articles spotlighting how the foundation makes a meaningful difference in the lives of GISD students, teachers and the community by fulfilling academic needs. GEEF supporters include GISD teachers, staff members, parents and area businesses and community members.