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A homemade sign of #IAmGISD pride!

pride sign


It didn't take long for the #IAmGISD pride to catch on in William Caldwell's neighborhood. Mr. Caldwell said he'd been seeing the #IAmGISD Proud signs all over town, and he decided to make one of his own. The 94-year-old WWII vet and history buff is particularly proud of the GISD students in his neighborhood, so he let them know it by personalizing the sign with their names.


"These kids are learning all kinds of great things in school - robotics, athletics, history. I'm so impressed," he said. "I'm glad to let people know about it."


GISD Superintendent Dr. Demetrus Liggins heard about Caldwell's sign and stopped by his house Dec. 17 to see what it was all about. While he was there, Mr. Caldwell shared his book collection, including a personal history book that marked important events in the world and in his family's life all in one volume.


Dr. Liggins expressed his appreciation and admiration with a T-shirt and a #IAmGISD Proud" sign for Caldwell to enjoy.


Thanks to Mr. Caldwell for his witty and kind spirit, and to his son Gary Caldwell, a GISD grad pictured with his father and Dr. Liggins, for arrranging the surprise!