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Can you hear me now? I'm writing!

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Have you ever been on a writing roll and felt like the keyboard was just slowing you down?


Well, thanks to 30 new speech-to-text headphones, students can close their eyes, tap into their imaginations and have their words transcribed for them. They can also work on research projects using the new technology that was made possible by a Greenville Educational Enrichment Foundation grant.


The headphones benefit all students, especially those who struggle with keyboarding, English and require accommodations for learning disabilities. The technology can be used with Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and One Note.


"We are so happy to have the headphones and thankful to GEEF for providing these tools for our kids at GMS." said Lisa Aly who helped write the grant, along with Angie Shipp and Alexandra Kirckof. 


"The headphones are so lightweight and comfortable and the students really love using them. We are going to take good care of them so that our students have these to use for a long time.  They have helped so many students, and it's exciting to see them feel successful."


Your GEEF Dollars at Work is a series of articles spotlighting how the foundation makes a meaningful difference in the lives of GISD students, teachers and the community by fulfilling academic needs. GEEF supporters include GISD teachers, staff members, parents and area businesses and community members.