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Fifth-graders bring history to life with living wax museum



Abe Lincoln, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Wayne Gretsky were just a few of the famous visitors telling their stories at Lamar Elementary Friday morning.


All 102 fifth-graders picked a famous person, place or event, did a research project and dressed in costume. Curious visitors can push a button on their hand and hear their stories.


“It’s open to the public, and we’ve had all our younger students, along with parents and community members come through,” Principal Lucretia Newton said. “I am amazed at how much detail our fifth-graders put into the project. I had very high expectations, and they blew my expectations away!”


In addition to highlighting the well-known historical information, the students shared some fun facts:


  • The Statue of Liberty served as a literal shelter for some families. From 1818-the mid 1930s, many military families lived in Fort Wood, a large star-shaped building upon which the pedestal is built.
  • Wayne Gretsky met his wife at a basketball game.
  • Abe Lincoln, who stood 6’4”, was well-known as a skilled wrestler.