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Dr. Liggins inspires graduates with top 10 words of wisdom from his beloved grandmother


Dr. Demetrus Liggins describes his grandmother, Mary Alice Liggins, as "his favorite person in the world."​ He shared her story during Convocation 2017 (above), and also during the May 23 graduation ceremony at New Horizons High School.


Greenville ISD Superintendent Dr. Demetrus Liggins gave graduates a wonderful Top 10 List inspired by words of wisdom from his grandmother, who passed away this year at age 88.


Dr. Liggins was the keynote speaker at the New Horizons High School graduation program May 23.


Mary Alice’s Top 10 Words of Wisdom

1. Believe in something bigger than yourself, and trust in your faith.
2. You’re going to make mistakes. Learn from them and realize they can only make you better.
3. Keep your mind active. Always learn something new.
4. Find adventure, find love, and find genuine connections.
5. Don’t compare yourself with others. It will only make you jealous and bitter or pompous & arrogant. We are incomparable on our own.
6. Keep your reputation positive. You can’t stop people from talking about you, but you can be sure that what they say is opinion, not fact.
7. Find your purpose in life.
8. Respect your elders. It’s good to say sir and ma’am. Listen to your elders and their wisdom.
9. Be a man or a woman of your word. If you say you’re going to do something, do it.
10. Laughter is the best medicine.


“I wish you the very best and brightest future that you can imagine for yourself,” Dr. Liggins said in his concluding remarks.