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Attention, readers in grades Pre-K-3!


Hit your summer reading goal using your Rally Round Reading app and win great prizes!


Summer reading makes a big difference for starting school right! And this summer, GISD students have been reading and even creating their own books using the Rally Round Reading app.


We're providing great prizes for students who hit the following targets by Aug. 15:


  • 500 minutes = wristband
  • 600 minutes = ice cream
  • 700 minutes = pizza party
  • 800 minutes = pep rally @ GHS

What is Rally Round Reading?


It’s a mobile literacy app, powered by Footsteps2Brilliance, to promote early childhood literacy. GISD is providing this research-based, high quality, online reading program that offers both English and Spanish stories for ALL children in Greenville, ages birth to third grade. 


Who has access to the app?


The app is available to anyone in Greenville and can be downloaded through any wifi connection.


The app contains books and games that allow children to enjoy reading and writing. Greenville parents and community members can also download the app and join in the fun.


How can community members get involved?


This summer, GISD students in grades PreK-3 are the first in our community to Rally Round Reading! The next step is to spread access to the app across the community. Community members can help by providing wifi access and learning about and promoting the app.


If you have questions about the app, please call your campus principal.