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GISD hosts Our Community, Our Schools Open House




You’re invited to come learn what every citizen needs to know about how Greenville ISD operates.


With 820 employees, GISD is one of the top three employers in town, along with L3Harris Technologies and Hunt Regional Healthcare. We educate 5,500 students, and we also offer meals and transportation services for them every school day. We’re in the people business, which means more than 80% of our $60 million budget goes to paying our teachers and other staff.


The schools are the heart of the community, where students learn every day. All those campuses are supported by an administrative and operations system. 


What does it take to keep an organization of this size running efficiently and effectively? We want you to know, and that's why we are hosting an open house to share details to answer questions.


Please mark your calendar for:


  • What: Our Community, Our Schools Open House
  • When: 5:30-7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 18
  • Where: Greenville High School
  • Details: The program will open at 5:30 in the CTE Robotics Arena with a welcome and overview by Superintendent Dr. Demetrus Liggins. It will be followed by breakout sessions that guests may attend to learn more about various departments. Each breakout session will last approximately 30 minutes, so guests may attend the one or two sessions that interest them the most.   ​

Breakout sessions:

  • Human Resources: Human Resources is like the wizard behind the curtain, most of our work is behind the scenes, but is vital to recruiting and hiring highly qualified candidates for all campuses and departments.  Human Resources is not like the Lone Ranger, we work in conjunction with payroll, finance, principals, and directors to ensure over 800 positions are fully staffed.  Human Resources is like Einstein in analyzing staffing ratios, implementing formulas for salaries and differentiating benefits.  Come hear more about our intricate, yet global department!​
  • Facilities and Operations: Did you know that GISD serves 5,500 students in 840,000 square feet of building space and hundreds of land acres?  Or that we transport about 1,500 students on 40 buses daily?  What does it take to keep an organization of this size running efficiently and effectively?  The Facilities and Operations Department includes a broad range of services in the areas of facilities, maintenance, grounds keeping, custodial services, and transportation.  The objective of this department is to maintain and oversee the day-to-day activities necessary to ensure district buildings, properties, and equipment are kept in proper working order for maximum efficiency and comfort. 
  • Communications & Community Partnerships: In the age of instantaneous communication, connecting with our community members, families and schools takes on an ever-growing role. Learn about how the Communications Department shares our stories using multiple platforms. You'll also hear about community partnerships, campus support, advertising, website, social media, traditional media, public information requests, crisis management, and more.
  • Financial Stewardship & Management: School finance can be complex, and it follows numerous requirements from state and federal agencies.  Learn the ABC’s of managing a budget of over $60 million.  Also, learn about the process and procedures that are used to make judicious use of taxpayer dollars.
  • Accountability: Do you think that academic performance of 5,500 students can be summarized by a single letter grade? Learn how GISD and other school districts balance local instruction with state requirements to design the best possible teaching and learning for our students.
  • Policy: Policies and procedures, both state and local, provide the framework of governance for GISD and all public entities. They ensure continuity from year to year, as well as compliance with new laws from the State Legislature. Policy is constantly being reviewed and updated. In this session, you will learn about our current policy, how a new policy is brought to the school board, adopted, how it is carried out in GISD, and relevant information on policy adopted in the last legislative session.
  • Student Discipline: The Student Code of Conduct may not be the easiest read in the world, but it is critical to maintaining a safe learning environment on all our campuses. Much like governance policies, student discipline policies are designed to provide consistent guidelines for student behavior. In this session, you will learn about how the Code of Conduct is designed, updated and implemented.

We hope to see you at the Our Community, Our Schools Open House! Please RSVP to