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Air Force Association names Adrienne Emerson Teacher of the Year!

adrienne with award



The Robowranglers were frantically transforming the Greenville High School gym into a robotics competition site recently when some unexpected visitors stopped by.


“What are the Air Force people doing here?” someone asked Robotics teacher Adrienne Emerson, who has earned the nickname THE BOSS (yes, in ALL CAPS).


“I have no idea,” she said without diverting her focus from the task at hand.


But when they came her way, Emerson stopped and quickly assessed the situation.


“Is this about me?” she asked GHS Principal Heath Jarvis.


“Yes, it is,” Jarvis replied with a warm smile. Then he and Robotics and Automotive Tech Teacher George Kroncke gathered the students together to share the moment.


“I don’t have to tell you all what a wonderful instructor and teacher you have standing in front of you. Guess what? The Air Force Association (AFA) is naming her as Teacher of the Year for her years of dedication and everything she has done for this program,” Jarvis said.


“OK. I guess that’s a good reason to stop working,” Emerson quipped. “Thank you! I’m so surprised!”


Northeast Texas Chapter AFA President Sandra Gold and Vice President for Community Partners Terry Thomas presented the award to Emerson.


“We’ve read all about you, and we are so proud to name you as our Teacher of the Year,” Gold said. “Our hope is that you will go on to be the Teacher of the Year for the entire State of Texas. We think you’ve got a great shot!”


Congratulations to THE BOSS! You deserve it!