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This is what community looks like

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There are no words to describe what an amazing day today was! An entire school community came together to take care of our students and their families.

This is what community looks like:

•    Teachers transforming their kitchens and living rooms into virtual classrooms, complete with cute bulletin boards
•    Students logging into lessons online without skipping a beat
•    Parents diligently working with their children on both paper packets and online lessons
•    Students and their teachers and classmates connecting online and introducing their pets and siblings and sharing stories about what they had for breakfast
•    Educators compiling packets for every grade level and distributing them to students
•    Families picking up meals so feeding their families is one less thing to stress them out. So far, GISD has prepared and distributed more than 2,000 meals.

THIS WEEK, we will continue to distribute meals from the campuses and WMAB using the current schedule. Please remember that students must be present to receive meals; parents may not pick up meals on their behalf, per USDA regulations.

NEXT WEEK, we will continue meal distribution using the same site-based system, but rather than requiring our families to drive through or pick up twice, we will distribute all meals in a single package (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack) from 9:30-10:30 a.m. This will minimize the amount of time that our families have to spend outside the home. Thanks to those who took the survey about the possibility of bus stop distribution. Under the current restrictions, site-based distribution is the preferred method. We will continue to look at all our options.

Thanks to the hundreds of people who did the impossible to get us off to a great start this week! You just can't keep a Lion from learning!