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Retirees share memories, pictures & words of wisdom

A huge thank you to our retirees, who have dedicated years of work to GISD and its students!


We've asked our retirees to share a favorite photo and tell us about why they have loved making a difference in this community.


veterans day    fist bump


Coach David Gish


David Gish has served his entire 39-year professional career in Greenville ISD in roles ranging from Coach to Principal and Pride Center Director. He is beloved in this community, where everyone knows him as "Coach Gish."


"I was born here in Greenville, and it's been a tremendous blessing to have grown up here in my hometown and to work here, raise a family here and retire from Greenville ISD. I wouldn't change a minute of it for anything," he said.


“My greatest joy was always helping somebody do a little better, helping give them confidence and inspiring them," he added.


Coach Gish has "more stories than I could ever tell" from his years here, where he has played a huge role in the fabric of GISD and in the lives of his students and colleagues. In the pictures above, he is pictured getting a fist bump from GHS grad and NFL player Byron Bell and speaking at the annual Veterans Day program, which he has led for years.


Although he is retiring from his full-time role at the Pride Center, Coach Gish will continue with his leadership role there on a part-time basis.


Thank you, Coach Gish, for a lifetime of commitment to GISD! You continue to make a difference every single day!




Jennifer Martin

Teaching English and Speech Communications at Greenville High School were truly some of my favorite years in education.  GISD has also allowed me to grow professionally and help other teachers as I worked as an ELAR/Social Studies Strategist in the Curriculum Department.   After thirty years (twenty-two in GISD), I am retiring with a heart full of precious memories.  One of my favorite novels to use for instruction has been Of Mice and Men.  When I see former students, they will often ask me to recite some of the lines from the novel.  I usually laugh and oblige, but then ask them to pass that love of language on by reading aloud to their own children. 



Joan Nelson

There is nothing a teacher loves more than hearing a former student recount that something you taught them or a way you cared about them improved their life. For the opportunity to invest decades in education and in students’ lives, I am truly grateful.  



David Moss


I grew up in eastern Oklahoma. When I got out of high school, I headed off to the Coast Guard. When exiting, I got my degree in education from Northeastern and started my teaching career in eastern Oklahoma. I put in 31 years at Kansas, Stilwell, Tahlequah and Northeastern. I retired and moved to north central Arkansas to be near the White River and put in 7 years teaching alternative education. My wife and I decided to retire from Arkansas and moved to Texas to be closer to our grandchildren. I have spent the last 7 years teaching students at Greenville High School. I would like to thank the people of Greenville for entrusting their children to me to teach.


My passion is teaching flyfishing and fly tying to people who are interested in learning the sport of flyfishing. I am hoping to spend my retirement traveling the country and attending flyfishing shows helping people with learning the sport. I also intend to try to visit many of our national parks again and maybe work at one of our national parks. There are so many doors to open and pass through in the following years.


Life is worth living, enjoy it. God Bless You



Janyth Matkin


The number one reason I have loved my work all these years is hands down the students. Whether I was teaching math, family & consumer science classes or serving as a school counselor, I had an amazing time. Throughout the years, I have seen growth and inspiration from students I have worked with, as well some sadness and occasional worries. I have so enjoyed working with the students and supporting them in their educational, career and social pursuits of achieving successful adulthood.


One of my favorite work memories was organizing the rising freshmen tour of Greenville high school’s CTE programs. It was the first time in many years that the rising freshmen had toured the high school, so I was a little anxious about the event to start. I asked students primarily from the senior and junior classes for assistance and was overjoyed by the influx of volunteers. Students came from the PALS and teacher’s assistances programs as well as those who had late arrival and early dismissal. The students stepped up and gave the rising freshmen their full attention. First, the high school volunteers met the students at the bus lane and welcomed them to GHS. They then covered the necessary rules of etiquette then divided them into groups for the tours and brought them back to the waiting buses when completed. I had the opportunity of witnessing responsibility, ownership, and vision from this incredibly giving group of young adults. The GHS student volunteers took over the entire tour event, and I just enjoyed following them around the building in awe.


Choose to enjoy life and seek out the positive every chance that you can!




Cindy Ragsdale


Teaching 37 years for Greenville ISD has been a fabulous experience. I have enjoyed many opportunities to be challenged and grow during my teaching career.


The best part of teaching young children is being able to watch them grow and mature as the year progresses. Every day is a new day, with a new set of challenges and adventures. It is a special feeling to be recognized by former students after so many years. They remember funny moments during their first and second grade years and they often laugh when I can tell them something funny they had forgotten from their time in my room.


I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve the students and families of GISD for so many years!




Marsha Wilson


I have loved working in the background to support administration in providing support on programs and services for the teachers and students. It has been a joy working at Greenville ISD over the last 23 years. I have met and made friends with some very amazing and inspirational educators.