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Air Force Association names GISD Robotics Director Adrienne Emerson top teacher in Texas




They don't call her THE BOSS for nothing!


Greenville ISD Robotics Director Adrienne Emerson has been named the top teacher in the state by the Air Force Association (AFA).


Emerson was chosen from "a group of well-qualified teachers who have demonstrated exceptional ability to motivate students in the science and mathematics disciplines," Ric Hamer, Vice President of Aerospace Education for AFA Texas wrote in a congratulatory letter. “We are very proud of you and your teaching excellence. You are making a difference in young peoples' lives."


The award includes a check for $1,000, a personalized jacket and a complimentary Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Membership sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol. A celebration is scheduled for Aug. 1 in Allen. 


“I'm honored to receive this award from an incredible pool of Texas teachers. Greenville ISD has been a home to me for 12 years, and my colleagues have always been supportive and pushed me to be my best,” Emerson said.


“I'm incredibly lucky to have taught the students of Greenville in math, engineering, and robotics classes over the years. They never cease to amaze me with their curiosity and work ethic. Having the opportunity to educate them, help solve problems on robots and in their lives, and have spontaneous dance parties when things get too stressful has been the highlight of my career,” she added. “STEM education has and will always be my passion. No matter what careers our students choose they will always benefit from being creative thinkers and methodical problem solvers with a technical background. These are the things I focus on every day in my classroom.”


GHS 2020 graduate and Robotics Pit Member Emma Yost says Emerson's students call her THE BOSS (in ALL CAPS) because of her encyclopedic knowledge and curiosity about “absolutely everything.”


“She pretty much helps us find the answers to anything. Not just robotics. Life lessons, too,” Yost said. “She helped me decide which college to attend and encouraged me to spread my wings. We also talk about funny things – like we both love Lady Gaga. We talk about A Star is Born and everything that happened in that movie. She’s just one of those people who is interested in everything.”


Yost is going on to study biomedical sciences in the pre-med track at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, and she says there is “no doubt that what I learned from Ms. Emerson taught me to get outside my comfort zone, explore and elaborate.”


GHS Principal Heath Jarvis said during her 12 years at GHS, Emerson has meticulously built a system that trains students to build confidence, probole solve and perform at their very best.


“Ms. Emerson runs a very professional program, and her expectations are very high. Her students work extremely hard, and their success speaks for itself," GHS Principal Heath Jarvis said. "She has definitely inspired many of our students to go into engineering. Her relationship with Innovation First International has allowed our students to work as mentors at IFI, and they do such an excellent job that many of them have come back to work for IFI after college."


Next, Emerson will advance to the national level. Congratulations to THE BOSS! You deserve it!