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A Convocation Day full of joy and surprises!

Usually, there is a lot of laughter, hugging and noise around Greenville ISD's annual convocation program, when Superintendent Dr. Demetrus Liggins gathers with all employees to set the vision for the year.

Because of COVID-19, we all met in small, socially distanced groups and joined Dr. Liggins via a prerecorded convocation program that celebrated our campus traditions and thanked all employees for the contributions they make to serve our students. To view photos from convocation, please click HERE

Although it was a bit lower key than usual, the message was more relevant than ever. 

"Our theme this year is WeAreGISD. It’s a natural continuation of our previous IAmGISD theme, but with the added emphasis on teamwork," Dr. Liggins said. "If there’s ever been a year when we could not do this alone, it’s 2020. You can rest assured that when our doors open for that first day of school, it will still be a special day, and we will be ready to teach and care for every single student."
Just as Dr. Liggins was wrapping watching convocation with his staff members at the administration building, everyone heard loud horns blaring outside. He rushed outside to investigate and found cars and trucks circling the block, filled with employees from every campus and department in an outpouring of appreciation for his leadership.
"I didn't know what was happening at first, then I saw all the signs and banners saying thanks, and I couldn't believe what was happening," he said. "Our teachers and employees never cease to amaze me. I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude." 
Dr. Liggins has long been known for his gift for making others feel appreciated. Today, it felt good to let him know the feeling is mutual! 
To see the video and read more about Dr. Liggins' convocation surprise, click HERE.