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AFA awards Amy Wade with Medal of Freedom

amy and sandra


The Northeast Texas Chapter 416 of the Air Force Association (AFA) is pleased to announce that GISD Director of Community Relations Amy Wade is a 2020 Medal of Freedom winner. 

Wade is one of just 10 recipients in Texas.

"Amy Wade has been a valued point of contact for Greenville Independent School District (GISD) for 5 years and has engaged deeply in our programs and efforts.  During this time she directly aided in the school district becoming a Community Partner," Chapter President Sandra Gage said.

Wade, who is so gifted at honoring others, was presented the award at a surprise luncheon. Gage said it was fun to see her surprise upon receiving the honor.

"She has nominated Teachers of the Year the past four years and has ended up having three selected!  Those nominations came as a result of efforts supporting GISD Robotics and Solar Car programs with funding of over $4,800 for the programs," Gage said. "She has been instrumental in providing program updates on the successes of the students we support by sending us photos of their competitions and winning outcomes, and events.

In addition, Gage said Wade shows her support by attending AFA events and including AFA members in GISD events.

"Amy reaches out to us when there is a need for a guest speaker, such as during their Veteran’s Day Program, and gives us the opportunity to further promote our causes. She has attended our annual Spring Thing Banquets to further support her students and teachers.  She cares about her schools, teachers, students, and AFA! She is making a difference in the lives of people she comes in contact with and thereby is bettering our local programs and exposing many to what AFA is all about."

Congratulations to Amy Wade, who brings a whole new level of engagement between GISD and the community through her effective work as our community liaison!