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It's not too late to sign up your 4-year-old for Pre-K!

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Looking forward to the spring semester, it's not too late to sign up your 4-year-old for Pre-K, even in the middle of the school year! Did you know age 4 is one of the most important developmental years in your child's life?

The power of a quality preschool program for 4-year-olds encourages their academic, social and emotional development. 

Please take a moment to read more below and hear all about it from L.P. Waters Principal Dr. Michelle Baird and Assistant Principal Kortney Melton, whose video is in Spanish.

"Research shows that a strong social and emotional foundation in early childhood powerfully impacts children's later positive attitudes and behaviors, academic performance, career path and adult health outcomes," a U.S. Department of Education research study stated.

  • Academic: Our expert teachers know how to prepare students for kindergarten to be sure they start on the right track and they're off and running to a bright future.
  • Social: Preschool is one of a 4-year-olds first experience feeling a part of a community outside of their families. They learn how to socialize, solve problems and collaborate with others, skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.
  • Emotional: Preschoolers learn how to express their thoughts, feelings and behaviors in socially appropriate ways. They learn how to calm down when angry or excited, and they learn to stick with tasks until they are completed. Developing this emotional maturity is an important milestone as they graduate to kindergarten.

Here are five top reasons spring semester Pre-K is important:

1.They’re only 4 once, and 4 is one of the most important developmental years.

2. Students can join the learning from home. Our expert teachers have developed a fun, enriching and flexibly online curriculum that doesn't mean hours in front of a monitor. The curriculum is full of great activities that allow children to stay active and learn through play.

3. It’s either affordable or FREE! Students who qualify may attend tuition-free. The tuition amount for other students ranges from $50-$250/month, based on a sliding scale.

4. GISD is an open-enrollment district, which means you don't have to live within the school district boundaries to attend our schools all the way through high school graduation.

5. Pre-K students can enroll at any time and because of the flexible learning, there are no worries about being behind the rest of the class.

Click HERE for online enrollment or call L.P. Waters @ 903-457-2680.