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GHS NJROTC cadets earn local and national awards

May 28, 2021

On May 19, 2021, the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) held its annual award ceremony virtually. While activities of the NJROTC unit were limited over the past year due to COVID restrictions, many cadets earned both local and national level awards. Additionally, over $950 was presented to various cadets through national award contributions.Gabe Garza NJROTC

Some of the major awards given during the ceremony include:

  • Military Officers Association of America JROTC Leadership Award - Cadet Elizabeth Delacruz 
  • Military Order of World Wars JROTC award - Marian Rojo
  • American Veterans (AMVET) Medal - Taylor Kent and Connor Orwell
  • Surface Navy Association Stephen Decatur Award - Ethan Worcester; Gabe Garza
  • Dedaelian NJROTC Achievement Award – Chance Knight
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart - Allan Janes
  • Daughters of 1812 JROTC Award - Athena Templeton
  • Sons of the American Revolution JROTC award - Keelin Smith
  • National Sojourners Award - Benjamin Butcher
  • Scottish Rite JROTC Award – Samantha Jimenez
  • Navy League of the United States Youth Medal – Helena Ferrebee
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Leadership Award - Ethan Worcester; Samantha Jimenez
  • James McNamee Leadership Award of Excellence - Athena Templeton
  • Anakin J. Settle Memorial NJROTC Award of Excellence - Benjamin Butcher
  • Cash Award

Additionally, the NJROTC unit installed its command staff for the following year on May 24. The following cadets will represent the leadership staff of the unit for the coming school year:

  • Commanding officer: Samantha JimenezSamantha Jimenez NJROTC
  • Executive officer: Gabriel Garza
  • Command Master Chief: Elizabeth Delacruz
  • Operations officer: Taylor Kent
  • Supply officer: Allan Janes
  • Administrations officer: Katelyn Smith
  • Armory officer and flag coordinator: Ethan Worcester
  • Communications officer: Sharon Ashby
  • Training officer: Chance Knight

The unit would like to express its thanks and gratitude to its graduating seniors and especially senior staff members who will be moving on to the next chapter of their lives. In particular, the current commanding officer,  C/LCDR Benjamin Butcher has passed his command to C/LCDR Samantha Jimenez. Benjamin will be attending Texas A&M University College Station next year as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Cadets.