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Robowrangler teams clinch 1st & 5th place in Texas Cup

June 22, 2021 

Robowrangler teams clinch 1st & 5th place in Texas Cup

After more than a year of waiting, the Robowranglers are back in the arena! And they are dominating the competition!

Last week's tournament marked the first time since March of 2020 that they were able to compete in person. They brought not one, but two, identical robots to the Texas Cup in San Antonio.

The Robowranglers have been working since January to upgrade the 2020 robot they built last school year in preparation for this event. Competing with more than 70 teams from Texas and New Mexico, both Wrangler robots made it to the final round of competition, where the best six alliances played in a round robin tournament to determine the event winner. One team won the entire tournament, and the other one took fifth place!

"This year was challenging for everyone, including the robotics community," GISD Robotics Director Adrienne Emerson said. "We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to compete in person, but when the opportunity presented itself, the entire team immediately was 148% committed to making sure we were at our best for the event."

Why 148? Because it's the Robowrangler's longtime team number!screenshot

"The students even decided to take two dentical robots to compete so more of them were able to attend, since there was a capacity limit per team at the event," Emerson continued. "This year, more than ever, I am proud of the team accomplishments. Seeing them cheering after winning the final match made everything we endured this year worth it. We are more excited than ever for next season so we can continue to have fun, makes friends, and chase excellence."

Watch the excitement on YouTube!

Click HERE to watch final round #1.

Click HERE to watch final round #2.